Your initial consultationacupuncturepic

Your initial consultation will last up to 90 minutes, in this time Victoria will take detailed and comprehensive information about your symptoms, treatment to date, medical and family history. This will include questions relating to your body systems, for example sleep and digestion. These may seem unrelated to your main complaint but are important in giving Victoria a complete picture of your health and lifestyle in order to formulate a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs. Victoria will also take your pulse and look at your tongue, both of which provide important diagnostic information to inform your treatment.

What to expect in a treatment

Subsequent treatments take 45 minutes to an hour. During the treatment very fine, hair like, needles are used to stimulate certain points on the body. Some needles may remain in for a short period of time, others for a matter of seconds. Once inserted a mild sensation usually described as a tingling, pulling or warmth is usually felt which lasts a second or two. Many commonly used points are located on the lower arms and legs so it is useful to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

 How many treatments will you need?

The number of treatments a patient needs varies depending on the individual’s condition but a course of 4-6 treatments is usual. More chronic conditions often need a longer course of treatment. To begin with treatment is usually weekly and when the patient’s symptoms show improvement the treatments can be further apart. Many patients choose to continue treatment to maintain their good health or to improve their sense of well being.

Is it safe?

Acupuncture is one of the safest medical treatments on offer in the UK. The risk of a serious adverse reaction to acupuncture is less than 1 in 10,000*. Acupuncture has virtually no unpleasant side effects, occasionally there may be minor bruising from the site of the needle but this will disappear within a few days.  Some patients may feel more tired than usual after the first few treatments but many feel relaxed and calm after treatment. It is advisable to avoid strenuous exercise or alcohol for the rest of the day. It can be used effectively alongside conventional medicine. The needles used are single-use, sterile and disposable. All treatment is carried out in accordance to BAcC Codes of Safe Practice and treatment rooms are approved by The Vale of the White Horse environmental health.

*British Medical Journal, 2001;323:467